Creating Digital Meetings with Meeting Book

Meeting Book allows you to manage the complete life cycle of documents used in meetings.
With Meeting Book you can create, distribute, use and store your meeting documentation digitally. With the support of the tablet, you can refer to and present your documents.

Before the meeting

Prepare your meeting

You can load any PDF document in Meeting Book. In the corporate version you will find specific features that facilitate the conversion of documents, the management of attachments, the distribution and use of documents securely.

Inviting participants

Once you have loaded the participants, Meeting Book automatically sends the invitation to take part in the meeting and records confirmations, sending the required documentation to participants’ tablets.

Publish the meeting

Each participant can refer to the documentation very easily, thanks to a highly powerful and versatile document display.

During the meeting

Connecting to the meeting

Connection is immediate: just open the meeting book and confirm your presence by using the required switch. In such a way you will be able to freely refer to the meeting documents, whilst showing your presence to the other participants to the meeting.

Follow the speaker

If someone takes the floor, their name will appear on the control panel. By pressing a button, you can change your status to Follower and follow the presentation. In this case, you will see exactly what the speaker is presenting on your tablet, be they in the same room or participating from a remote location. Thanks to Eco-Mind’s “Fast Co-Browsing” technology, the exchange is basically immediate, both on geographic or cellular networks.

Take the floor

If you take the floor and present a document, the Meeting Book viewer will allow you to effectively move from one page to the next, search for elements or pages, zoom in on specific items such as a graph. You will also be able to use a beam and move it on the screen by using your finger. All participants following you will see your presentation in real-time, thus eliminating the need for any other tool during your speech.

After the meeting

Filing your documents

Meeting files will be available for all participants. You can organize your meeting books, leaving the documentation related to meetings still to be held or of particular interest visible, while storing all the rest. You will be able to consult all the documentation at any time you may wish to do so in the future.

Manage company documentation

In the corporate version, managing storage is more sophisticated. The person who prepares the meeting may differentiate the visibility of the documentation, depending on the kind of participant: some may keep the documentation, others will only be able to refer to it during the meeting.


Meeting book is available in three versions, for use by a single manager, a company structure or for those who organize conventions and events.

Personal Edition

In just a few minutes you can create a Meeting Book on your iPad that you’ll be able to share with the other participants to a meeting. Likewise, when you are invited to participate in a meeting, you’ll be able to find the documentation in your personal files.

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Corporate Edition

Thanks to Meeting Book Content Server, your organization will be able to effectively manage in digital format, the preparation and distribution of documentation for meetings. This system is fast, cost effective and offers greater control in terms of security.

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Conference Edition

With Meeting Book you can distribute documents to all the audience participating in conferences and events. During the event all iPads are synchronized on the presentation of the speaker’s presentation.

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